Current Obsessions

30 Jul

Hey Guys, Long time no blog, eh? Just wanted to update my current obsessions.

Obsession #1 : Summer With Friends

Got to love my beautiful poses…right?

Obsession #2 : Toms

I. Love. These. Shoes. And I just got a new pair (the red ones) yesterday!

Obsession #3 : Burt’s Bees

This is the best Chapstick in existence. Hands Down.

Obsession #4 : No Empty Wrists

This is a friendship bracelet I just made today! (bottom) Click here to learn how to make one just like it. Then my ” Ashley hearts Bacon ” Bracelet (top) (I apologize for the un-natural-looking-ness of my wrist.(; ) 

Obsession #5 : Swimming with Stingrays!

I went to Aquatica and swam with stingrays! Sooo fun. I was feeding them too when one bit my thumb. Ouch! But then I got my new pet Stingray. His name is Claude.

Obsession #6 : Moooostaches

I don’t know what it is, but something about those furry little critters gets me every time.

Obsession #7 : Wolfgang

My new second favorite band (first being coldplay, where I actually discovered Wolf Gang at a concert, at which they were opening) From England that are just amazing. Amazing.


So now you know all of my current obsessions! Hope you enjoyed it!


So many books, So little time ;)

28 Jul


I do believe the question should go as “How many books do you read a week?” But I guess not so, I shall estimate about 40-100 Books a year. I like to read. :)

P.S. That is TOTALLY my kind of bench

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Two New Segments!

20 May

Hi Guys! Guess What? Two New Segments? You know me so well! But yes, yes, these rumors are true, two new segments indeed! What might they be called you ask? The Notebook (page) is one and The Latest Reads is another? You want a story behind these? Oh, okay. Well, I saw how much I wrote in my notebook and thought “Well Ashley, you write in your notebook a lot, why don’t you put it in your blog?” Well I didn’t don’t, I did! Are you following? In simpler terms, I added it! Are you following now? Ah, the latest reads. Well, I certainly read a LOT as well so, BA-BOOM! It was added. I’ll post pictures and descriptions, and when I’m done, a review of all of the books I read. Sound cool? If not, well, my feelings are kind of hurt, but if you really want to not like it, look at something else. That easy :)


Your Questions, My Answers.

28 Apr

In case you were wondering what “My Answers” means, think of it as a FAQ. Or just an AQ. If you have any question, ask me at (long right?). In case you’re not in an “ask-y” mood, I shall be using Plinky (you should check it out it’s really cool, at to let you know some random things about myself, other selves, or anything else Plinky might have me writing about. Feel free to ask away!

Welcome New Friends!

24 Apr

Hello and welcome to my humble a-blog! It be-ith about the day in the life of an average me, with pictures covering the little details. You may also find my writing and some other fun stuff like DIY projects. Sound Cool? Good.