Current Obsessions

30 Jul

Hey Guys, Long time no blog, eh? Just wanted to update my current obsessions.

Obsession #1 : Summer With Friends

Got to love my beautiful poses…right?

Obsession #2 : Toms

I. Love. These. Shoes. And I just got a new pair (the red ones) yesterday!

Obsession #3 : Burt’s Bees

This is the best Chapstick in existence. Hands Down.

Obsession #4 : No Empty Wrists

This is a friendship bracelet I just made today! (bottom) Click here to learn how to make one just like it. Then my ” Ashley hearts Bacon ” Bracelet (top) (I apologize for the un-natural-looking-ness of my wrist.(; ) 

Obsession #5 : Swimming with Stingrays!

I went to Aquatica and swam with stingrays! Sooo fun. I was feeding them too when one bit my thumb. Ouch! But then I got my new pet Stingray. His name is Claude.

Obsession #6 : Moooostaches

I don’t know what it is, but something about those furry little critters gets me every time.

Obsession #7 : Wolfgang

My new second favorite band (first being coldplay, where I actually discovered Wolf Gang at a concert, at which they were opening) From England that are just amazing. Amazing.


So now you know all of my current obsessions! Hope you enjoyed it!


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