About Me :)

Hi! I’m sure by now you already know that my name is Ashley, BUT, you can call me bubbles if you don’t like my name. I like my name. Sort of. Anyways, some things about me…Well, I like mustaches (who doesn’t), Jeeps, Fun things, and projects. Oh yeah, I also like roller-coasters…and my friends…and DIY stuff…and everything else. I don’t like…dumb people, bananas, bullies, and licorice. I am approximately 3 million years old, I have two cats, my passions are swimming, writing, eating, sleeping, reading, and couch potato-ing.  I’m a blonde-haired, blue-eyed native Texan, I love my Houston, but plan on moving to Nantucket, MA. I have big dreams in life. I plan on being a novelist and I have the weirdest dreams. Maybe I’ll post some of them sometime…if you really want to know…I must say, some of them are…weird, to say the least. If you haven’t already noticed, I get distracted easily…I don’t know how I started talking about dreams but hopefully you like both me and my blog anyways! Yay!

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